Brighton Major MVA, 04/08/2020

On April 8th, 2020 at approximately 06:47 hours Boston Fire Engine 41, Boston EMS Ambulance-14 Paramedic-1 Division-3 and the Shift Commander C10 with Boston Police Officers assigned to area D-14 and the Massachusetts State Police responded to the 1600 block of Soldiers Field Road in Brighton for the reported major MVA with possible trauma. 

On arrival a light blue sedan was found with major damage as well as a white sedan with heavy damage in the parking lot of Party City. The operators of both vehicles were able to self extricate with only minor injuries. The driver of the blue vehicle was transported to a local area hospital with only minor injuries. 

Witnesses reported they saw the blue vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed, one man estimating speed in excess of 80-100 mph, before the vehicle appeared to loose control, it then struck a curb, then a tree, and the went airborne before careening into the white vehicle that had been parked in the lot, taking out a light pole in the process. 

The exact facts of this incident are still under investigation by Boston Police with the assistance of MSP at this time. One Trooper on scene expressed the sheer luckiness of the driver who miraculously was not killed.

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