Hollander Street OT, 04/10/2020

On April 10th, 2020 at approximately 18:31 hours Boston Police Officers assigned to Area B-2 responded to 39 Hollander Street with Boston EMS Ambulance 2 for a reported EDP. On arrival the first responding officers encountered the man and began trying to talk to him, at which point he violently and with out provocation attacked the officers as well as pepper spraying them.

Numerous officers responded to the calls for help and were able to take the man into custody with out further injuries by 18:48 hours. Boston Ambulance 12 also responded, coming to the aid of the officers who were sprayed and attacked. They quickly arrived, in full PPE, and treated the officers. Luckily no offices required transport.

Once the man was secured he was placed in A2, fully restrained and with a spit-hood on, to protect the officers from further harm. With officers assisting EMS in the back as well as following they took him to a local area hospital.

Very good work by everyone involved including all the officers that responded as back up, thankfully today no one was seriously hurt. Keep up the great work!

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