Stolen Car Recovery, 04/21/2020

At approximately 00:45 hours on April 21st, 2020 Boston Police Officers from District B-2 while patrolling the area of Grove Hall spotted a silver Audi that had been reported as stolen. The officers noticed the car turning onto Creston Street off of Blue Hill Ave. 

The officers quickly radioed it in and additional units responded to the area to assist. Officers were able to locate the vehicle in the area of 21 Creston Street in a parking lot. Two subjects were detained, the driver wearing a neon green jacket and the passenger in a black hoodie. 

While detained, and handcuffed, the driver decided he did not feel like following the officers directions, ultimately overpowering the officer and making a run for it. While still handcuffed, the subject made it about 30 feet before being taken back into custody. He was immediately placed into the back of a police cruiser. The second subject was identified and questioned before being released at the scene. 

A K9 was called to search the general area however the search was unproductive. The car was towed from the scene after being throughly searched. At this time we are unsure of the charges against the driver. Strong work by all units involved.