Code 99 Roxbury, 05/03/2020

Earlier this afternoon at approximately 13:20 hours Boston Policereceived a call for a person with a gun at 30 Wenonah Street in Roxbury. From what witnesses accounted, first arriving officers made contact with the caller who claimed her child’s father was in the residence with a weapon and would not release the child into her custody. 

Officers attempted to make contact with the subject inside of the home, however the male refused to cooperate. Inside of the home was the child, as well as other family members, making this situation extremely delicate. Due to the circumstances, the PS on scene declared a Code 99 and all city-wide gun cars responded. 

The SWAT Team arrived and took up positions around the house, continuing to attempt to start a dialogue with the subject. Multiple assets surrounded the house and a large group of heavily armed officers could be seen on the front porch. A K-9 Unit also responded.

After a brief period, the subject exited the house and was taken into custody by the SWAT Team. The remaining residents were taken out of the house and a protective sweep of the residence was completed.

No injuries were reported, however Boston EMS EMTs and Paramedics were standing by during the incident. Thankfully the outcome today was a peaceful one with only the male subject being taken into custody. 

Strong work by all involved today!