Armed Kidnapping, 05/13/2020

At around 15:00 hours on May 13th, the Boston Police Department received a 911 call for a possible person kidnapped. The caller stated his girlfriend had been taken at gunpoint my a male in a black SUV.

Police responded to the addresses and after speaking to the caller, witnesses as well as reviewing cameras were able to identify a vehicle and possible suspect. The suspect was a known subject who is currently on a GPS ankle monitor.

Using this GPS monitor Officers from District B-2 were able to locate the subject as well as the alleged victim inside a vehicle on Georgia Street in Grove Hall. The subject was detained and the woman and him both interviewed. After speaking with both parties and calling in a K-9 for a search of the vehicle, the man was released.

All of this occurred within about an hour time frame showing the speed and precision of BPDs response. Had this been true abduction this incredible response could have truly been the difference between life and death.