College Student Jumps Out Window During Bad ‘Trip’ with Roommates

Last night at approximately 19:30 hours Boston Police Officers from District B-2 responded to the area of 883 Huntington Ave in Mission Hill for the reported emotionally disturbed person or EDP. On arrival officers located a number of people seeming to be under the influence of possibly a hallucinogenic substance.

While investigating the nature of the call, they located an adult male in the rear of the building suffering from serious and at that time believed to be life threatening injuries after apparently jumping though his apartment window and falling 40 to 50 feet.

Boston EMS was called to the scene. They quickly stabilized the man who had gone through the window and transported him to a local area hospital. A second woman who was suffering a panic attack after watching the man jump was treated and released. A third and final woman had to be restrained and transported after seeming to suffer a complete break with reality, possibly caused by previously mentioned substances.

At this time the man is expected to survive his injuries and District Detectives are still investigating the incident.