Overnight at least 7 people were shot and another 4 people stabbed in one of the most violent and busy nights of the summer. Throughout the day and into tonight we will be providing further updates, information and images to these incidents in full dedicated posts. As of this morning this is the summary that we have been able to track. This information is tentative at this time pending official confirmation, some of these incidents we were able to witness while others are reports from both radio communications and other information sources. Again none of these have been officially confirmed at this time.

Approximately 18:40 hours a man was shot in the chest on Toledo Terrace in Dorchester

Approximately 19:20 hours at least four people were stabbed in the area of Roberts Field near Codman Square in Dorchester as well as reports of shots fired in the area

Approximately 19:45 hours two people shot on Dunbar Ave in Dorchester

Approximately 20:50 hours reports of shots fired in the area of Heath Street and Columbus Ave (Bromley Heath Projects), Roxbury

Approximately 20:50 hours a person was found shot on Pierpont Road near the Baseball Fields in Franklin Park

Approximately 21:07 hours B-2 units report hearing shots fired in the area of Seaver Street and Humboldt ave in Roxbury

Approximately 21:35 hours a person possibly shot on Walnut Ave

Approximately 21:50 hours a person was struck by MBTA Commuter Rail at Newmarket Station

Approximately 22:20 hours a person was shot on Spencer Street in Dorchester

Approximately 22:30 hours a person was shot on Livingstone Street in Mattapan

Approximately 00:00 hours a person was shot multiple times on Greenfield Road in Mattapan

Approximately 01:00 hours multiple 911 calls for shots fired in the area of Bennington Street in East Boston

Approximately 01:28 hours shots fired with injuries on Harold Street in Roxbury

Approximately 01:57 hours person found shot in car on Dudley Street

Approximately 03:20 hours firearm arrest Washington Street in Dorchester

If we missed anything we apologize and encourage anyone to reach out or comment with a tip or addition!