“You weren’t shot, that’s just the meth talking”

Yesterday morning shortly after 00:00 hours a man caused quiet a disturbance on Washington Street and Talbot Ave. The man while running through traffic continued to scream he had been shot and needed help.

Boston EMS and Boston Police responded to the area and began to search for the man who would not stay in one place. The man was spotted and when approached again stated that he had been shot, but before anyone could get to him he ran off again.

During all of this commotion, a woman who lives on Talbot Ave stepped out onto her porch to see what was happening, as she was standing at her door the man ran up and darted into her house. He ran through her house again screaming that he had been shot.

Police finally caught up to the man at the intersection of Talbot Ave and Westcott Street where he had to be restrained by police. After Officers and EMTs intently examined every inch of the man’s body, it was determined that he had not been shot but instead had simply smoked a large amount of meth.

The man however was not convinced and could be heard screaming that they were wrong and he had indeed been shot all the way into the back of the ambulance. He was transported to a local area hospital, where it is unlikely and highly doubtful that they will find a gunshot wound, but he can be seen for his substance abuse issues.