Methadone Mile, More Dangerous Than Ever as Gun Vanishes Overnight

Last night at approximately 23:30 hours Boston EMS, Massachusetts State Police, Boston Police Police D-4 and C-6 Officers responded to the area of Mass Ave and Cass Blvd for the reported motorcyclist struck.

While being treated and transported by EMTs, the operator of the motorcycle alerted authorities that his backpack containing his legally owned firearm had been taken off of him by one of the “residents” of the Mile while laying on the ground. Bad enough that he was struck by a car that then fled, but while laying on the ground a crowed formed around him, stealing his property including a loaded gun. The questions still remains when will Marty Walsh, the Boston Public Health Commission and City Council finally do something. In the meantime all we can do is hope that BPD locates the firearm before it takes an innocent life.