BPD Captain Captures Fleeing Would-be Rapist in Foot Pursuit

Captain Robert Ciccolo, the newly appointed Commander of District A-1 isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. After 37 years on the job, the last 4 and 1/2 as the Night Commander of the North Zone which includes A-1 & A-15 he knows the city like the back of his hand. All of this came into play Tuesday morning at approximately 09:45 hours.

To give some background, at 6:00 AM, on Monday the BPD Sexual Assault Unit responded to the Boston Public Garden for a reported assault with intent to rape. The victim, who was able to free herself from the suspect’s grasp and flee to safety, told detectives the suspect was a black male in his twenties or thirties with slim to medium build and short black dreadlocks.

So let’s set the stage. It’s approximately 09:45 hours on Tuesday and SAU Detectives with the assistance of Officers Assigned to District A-1 are in the area of Boylston Street heading towards Washington Street. They are using intel they obtained to attempt to locate their suspect who is believed to be in the area. As they approach the intersection they successfully get eyes on their target in the area of Beech Street near Tufts Medical Center. When they finally make a move to stop him, he refuses to comply with their commands and he takes off on foot across Kneeland Street. With SAU Detectives and A-1 Officers hot on his heels he proceeds to run down Kneeland Street, with Officers calling off the location of the pursuit for assistance.

Thats where Captain Ciccolo comes in. With his many years of experience kicking in, and he cuts off the fleeing suspect, working in unison with his officers over the radio to make sure there would be no escape. Nabbing the would-be-rapist on Harrison Avenue, and after a short struggle taking him into custody. With the combined efforts of all involved, including the Patrolmen of District A-1, the dedicated and often overlooked efforts of the Detectives of the SA Unit, and surprisingly quick and spry newly appointed Captain, Luan Maxwell, 30-years-old, of Boston now will be forced to face charges of Assault with Intent to Rape in Boston Municipal Court.

If you are a victim of a sexual assault that has or has not been reported to police and would feel more comfortable seeking confidential advice from a non-law enforcement agency, the Boston Police Department encourages you to call the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC) at 1 (800) 841-8371. BARCC provides free and confidential counseling, case management, legal, and medical advocacy services to survivors in the greater Boston area. To learn more, please click on the enclosed link: http://www.barcc.org