Weekly Methadone Mile Protests Continue to Draw Attention to Mounting Public Health Crisis

Yesterday evening members of the South End – Roxbury Community Partnership, a self described grassroots based advocacy group that seeks to improve quality of life in their neighborhoods took to the streets in their weekly protest of the conditions of Methadone Mile. The group peacefully assembled at the intersection of Massachusetts Ave and Washington Street where they held signs, chanted and showed containers full of dirty needles that had been collected in the area.

The group advocated for a number of things but most importantly was the need for additional services, with the first step being the Long Island Bridge. They had strong criticism for the Boston Public Health Commission which many have said are complicit if not even guilty in enabling the horrid conditions.

Group members we spoke to were frustrated with the current conditions, talking about how their children have become desensitized and normalized to the sites of overdoses, defecation, public sex, drug use, and even death right on their doorsteps. Many assigned blame to the mayor Marty Walsh and the Boston City Council, calling on Governor Charlie Baker to step in and rectify the situation. You can find the group weekly in the same spot for their protests.