Foot Pursuit Ends in Soggy and Cold Arrest Overnight in Hyde Park

At approximately 21:15 hours last night Boston Police Officers from District E-18 responded to the area of Knight Street, River Street and Readville Street after getting reports of a suspicious person possibly armed with a gun. On arrival Officers encountered Luis Morales, 21-years-old of Dorchester, and stopped to talk to him briefly as he matched the general description. After quickly patting him down for weapons for their own safety, they interviewed Morales who gave officers a name they quickly realized was false, but right as they were about to leave and allow the suspect to go, Morales struck an Officer and fled on foot.

A short foot chase ensured, but quickly lost speed when the suspect found himself in the Neponset River. Officers continued to give commands to Morales to exit the water with his hands raised, however the suspect dug in his heels, refusing to come to shore. Right as Officers were about to take the icy plunge to physically remove the suspect, a K-9 unit arrived on scene, and the barking of backup seemingly inspired Morales to find his common sense, quickly exiting the swampy river and allowing Officers to take him into custody.

Almost immediately after giving up, the suspect began begging for EMS, which was promptly requested by Officers. The suspect, who we assume isn’t the brightest bulb in the bunch, seemed confused on why he was out of breath and cold (possibly a result of running from Officers into a cold river) and insisted he needed to be evaluated at a hospital. Morales could be seen flipping off Officers and EMTs who were attempting to help him in the ambulance as well as crying through the back doors while he whined that he was cold. It wasn’t until the suspect was booked that his identity became known to Officers who he had originally given a fake name to.

Morales is now in custody on multiple outstanding warrants, at this time we are not aware of any new changes yet. A long story short, don’t be dumb and run into the Neponset River when trying to flee from the Police.