Quick Response Leads to Arrest of B&E Suspect in Roxbury

At approximately 04:12 hours on October 9th, 2020 Officers from District B-2 responded to to a call for a B&E (Breaking and Entering) in progress at 117 Townsend Street in Roxbury. The caller was a woman who lived on the first floor and was awaked by the sounds of a male attempting to open a window and crawl through her young daughters window.

Officers quickly arrived on scene and located the male suspect, promptly taking him into custody. The mother, relieved to have had such a prompt response thanks the officers for ending the terrifying situation that no parent ever wants to face. The man identified by Boston Police public log books as Troy Brown, 44-years-old of Dorchester, was arrested and charged with Residential Burglary at night.

Photos were taken at the scene of the window where the screen could be clearly seen as damaged and the suspect was transported to the station for processing. At this time no further information is available. The Boston Police Department urges everyone to remember to lock their doors and secure all windows and points of entry in their homes.