Alleged Drunk Driver Slams into South Boston Landmark

At approximately 00:57 hours on Thursday, Boston Fire, Boston EMS and Boston Police Officers from District C-6 responded to the area of Dorchester Street and West Broadway in South Boston for the reported motor vehicle accident (MVA) with injuries. First arriving Officers from the Anti-Crime Unit, also known as the K-Car, found a white BMW on fire halfway inside of McGoo’s Pizzeria. Officers quickly jumped into action using a fire extinguisher that they got from an onlooker to hold back the flames until firefighters could arrive.

Firefighters and EMTs quickly arrived evaluated the operator, who had been dragged to safety by a number of witnesses, as well as extinguishing the remaining fire. Witnesses claimed that the man was traveling in speeds in excess of 60 to 80 miles per hour when he lost control and crashed into the building. The same witnesses told us that he appeared extremely intoxicated when he was removed from the vehicle, slurring his speech, reeking like alcohol and seemingly unaware of what he had done.

After the operator was transported to a local area hospital with extremely minor injuries, it became clear that the building had suffered serious structural damage and Boston Fire initiated a technical rescue for a partial building collapse in order to evacuate the tenants and prevent further injuries.

Due to the damage caused by the crash, the front door to the apartments was jammed and fire fighters spent almost ten minutes attempting to force entry and safely get the residents to safety. After clearing the building a collapse zone was created around the building with only trained personnel allowed to enter.

Firefighters from the Tech-Rescue erected temporary supports to keep the building standing, and a board up company was called in to create further supports for the structure. Boston City Inspectional Services were also on hand during the incident.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation with Boston Police calling in an expert Auto-Investigator to review the crash. At this time no charges have been filed and Boston Police would only confirm that they are looking into the crash. The full image gallery can be seen below.

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