Movie Worthy Car Chase from Braintree Ends in East Boston

Over the weekend chaos erupted as a man who was assaulted and robbed in Braintree chased his attackers all the way into Boston while possibly being shot at. Details are still sketchy at this time but so far this is what we have pieced together so far…

In the afternoon on Saturday Braintree Police received a call from a man who claimed to have been pistol-whipped in a back alley and then robbed for thousands of dollars. The caller then informed Police that he was being shot at by the man, who he was chasing. The victim continued to chase the man on to I-93 Northbound with Braintree Police in tow. The suspect was driving an obnoxiously bright blue Hyundai SUV with a New Jersey plate, which would seem easy enough to spot. Massachusetts State Police were notified and joined in the search for the vehicle attempting to intercept it on its way into Boston.

The vehicle was not located and last seen somewhere in the area of South Bay and the entrance of the Tunnel on I-93 Northbound with units continuing to search. An hour or so later a Detective who just happened to be in the area of the City’s Frontage Road Garage noticed an SUV, that happened to have a New Jersey plate, and was bright-bright blue, pull into the city lot, that ironically was full of out-of-service police cruisers. The Detective, unaware of the earlier incident, was unaware of the on-going manhunt, still thought the car looked a little out of place and kept watch as the occupant grabbed a few things and hopped into another car, this one a dark colored sedan with Virginia plates before peeling out of the lot, leaving the SUV running, completely abandoned.

With his suspicions growing by the minute, the Detective hopped into an unmarked car and began following the sedan on to the Mass Pike Westbound. While following the vehicle, he radioed for assistance with stopping the car once they reached the East Boston side of the Tunnel. The Mass State Police with Boston Units attempted to stop the vechile once it reached East Boston, however as soon as the lights were activated, the car began to flee at a high rate of speed and erratic manner.

Due to the safety issues of a chase and with regard to the other drivers on the road the chase was called off. Officers and Troopers were able to quickly locate the car again after discontinuing the chase just streets away, left abandoned and half blocking the road in the area of Leyden Street in Orient Heights East Boston. The area was quickly locked down with a perimeter established in the area. The street was cleared house by house for the safety of the residents with assistance from SWAT Team members and K-9 Assets.

Once it was established that the perpetrators were no longer in the area, the vehicle was taken into evidence by Braintree Police, and towed from the scene with Officers seemingly confident between the Victims ID of the suspect as well as other information, they would soon have the shooter in custody. A this time no further information is available, and there have been no words on any arrests. Once we are able to get further we will pass it on to you!