Early Morning Arsonist Strikes in South Boston

At approximately 04:55 hours Boston Fire Department Engine 2 and Ladder 19 responded to the area of National Street and Thomas Park in South Boston on Monument Hill for the reports of a vehicle fire. On arrival companies located a fully involved 2018 Jeep Rubicon. 

The vehicle was burnt to a crisp, with firefighters stunned with he extensive damage, sparking concerns over the cause of the blaze. Just as they were starting to investigate foul play they were alerted to another vechile fire less than a block away in the rear lot of the Excel High School.

This time a older Honda was found fully engulfed. Companies again quickly knocked down the flames but they noticed similarities between the two fires including the overwhelming smell of an accelerant that was found at both scenes as well as the close proximity both in distance and time. 

Boston Police Officers from District C-6 as well as firefighters agreed. There was more going on that what met the eye. Proper notifications were made and Investigators from BFD’s Fire Investigation Unit as well as BPD Detectives were called to the scene to investigate the cause, source and possible perpetrator behind these fires. 

Along with the investigators came some of BFD’s best looking and hardest working employees, the Arson K-9s of BFD’s FIU. Keegan, a 7-year-old veteran of the department, and Robbie, the 1-year-old rookie who is the departments newest member were on scene. The K-9s are speciality trained to smell for accelerants that could be used by arsonists, taught to alert at the smallest whiff of foul play. 

The pups scoured the two brunt out shells of there the cars were, locating a number of spots that caused them to alert. After the alerts, investigators from FIU took samples of the burnt debris that could be seen carried away in silver containers headed to the lab for analysis. 

A this time there have been no arrests made, and the official cause of the fire as well as the possible movies are still under investigation. No further informant is available. Community members who may have seen or heard something are asked to come forward to the authorities. The full album can be found bellow: