19-Hour Stand Off Leaves Some Residents Upset with Boston Police Response

From Thursday afternoon until the late morning on Friday, our staff remained on scene capturing the insane stand off between a guest at the W Hotel in Downtown Boston and The Boston Police Department. The man, armed with a large machete type blade, was the subject of a welfare check, that escalated into the armed stand off. Throughout the incident, Police used a number of de-escalation tactics until they were finally able to safely get the man into an ambulance and to Tufts Medical Center just a block away for evaluation.

We spoke with a number of Emerson Students and Residents who both live at the “W” and received a lot of unhappy feedback about the situation. One woman who asked to only be identified as ‘Nancy’ is a resident and had some harsh words for Boston Police Command Staff, “at least 15 f***ing hours of this sh*t… they called in the SWAT Team but for what reason?! It seemed like everyone in charge was too scared to do anything… Why didn’t they grab him before he broke the window?! How many times was that man at that open window and could have jumped. They don’t care, they just wanted to cover their own a** and were too scared to do their job…”

A student named John went on further, “Even the cops I talked to thought it was stupid to wait this long. I guess this is 2020, everyone is too scared to hurt someones feelings or get in trouble, even the cops. I bet you they won’t even charge the a**hole, probably somehow make him into a victim. We all saw him, he wasn’t some distraught victim, he was having a party at our expense! I had an exam this morning and I couldn’t sleep or study all night because of him…”

Some resident of the area even went as far as to file a 311 complaint… although it’s unclear how serious they were…

We reached out to Boston Police and they were unable to confirm if the man would be charged, citing that the investigation was ongoing. When pressed further, they confirmed he was NOT under arrest when he left the hotel. Commission Gross howler when speaking to the media praised his staff, explaining that though the skilled negation and deescalation of his staff, the situation was able to end with out any major injuries or deaths. Gross said, “I would just like to thank the Boston Police Negations Team, the staff at The W, and others for taking the time to resolve this peacefully… when we made entry we deescalated the situation and were able to get the individual to surrender…” Gross also made note that, “We have seen an uptick in this situations…” Here is the Official Statement from the Department:

From The Boston Police Department:

At about 4:30pm on Thursday, November 5, 2020, officers assigned to District A-1 (Downtown) along with members of Boston EMS, responded to a radio call for an Emotionally Disturbed Person at 100 Stuart Street (W Hotel), Boston.

Upon arrival, officers spoke with members of the individual’s family who expressed concern for his mental health and safety. Officers attempted to offer services to the individual to no avail, causing them to request negotiators from the Boston Police Negotiation Team.

After the individual broke through the 14th floor window, throwing debris onto the street and hitting vehicles below, a Code 99 was declared. The Boston Police SWAT Team responded as negotiations continued, trying to provide services to the individual. After 19 hours of negotiating, entry was made.  Upon entry, officers utilized verbal commands to de-escalate the situation resulting in the individuals surrender.

The individual was taken into custody without further incident and transported to a local hospital for treatment. Detectives from District A-1 will further investigate, and Stuart Street will remain closed while detectives process the crime scene.

The Boston Police Department would like to thank management at the W Hotel and the Boston Transportation Building, Boston EMS, Boston Fire Department, BEST Team, both the Emerson College Police Department and Emerson College, and the local businesses for their assistance and cooperation throughout this tense situation.

If you ever find yourself in crisis and thinking about suicide, or are worried about a friend or loved one and in need of emotional support, please contact the Good Samaritan Helpline at (877) 870-4673. You can call or text any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The services are free, confidential and completely anonymous.

To those who find themselves in need of emotional support or simply needing to talk to someone about distressing events in our community, the Boston Neighborhood Trauma Team (NTT) provides free, private support 24/7 at (617) 431-0125 or by visiting BPHC.org/trauma.