Update on Firetruck and Off-Duty Boston Officer Crash in Codman Square

At approximately 02:20 hours, early Thursday morning, November 5th, while responding to the 2-Alarm fire at 1740 Dorchester Ave at Charlies Pizza, Engine 52 struck a vehicle while crossing the intersection at Washington Street and Talbot Ave. Boston EMS, Police and additional Fire crews quickly responded to the scene where they located a dark colored jeep on a sidewalk on top of light pole and into a tree, additionally the firetruck was found halfway inside of The Bank of America.

Boston EMTs and Paramedics located an adult male driver of the Jeep suffering from a major, life-threatening head injury and quickly alerted Police that he was an Officer who was still partially in uniform. His condition was serious with EMS updating agonal respiration and Paramedics intubating him on scene before transporting him to a local area trauma center. The driver of the firetruck, as well as the other three firefighters that were involved in the crash were also transported to a local area Hosptial with non-life-threatening injuries and for evaluation.

Due to the damage to the building, Boston Fire issued a technical rescue, with numerous companies responding to the imminent building collapse. After the scene was rendered safe, it was turned over to the Boston Police Department who by this point had made full notifications, calling in the Crime Scene Response Unit, Homicide Unit, Fatal Collision Investigative Team, Command Staff, and EDTs. A large crime scene was secured closing the area to traffic for hours while it was processed, photographed, and finally the truck removed from inside of the building.

Later in the day during a press conference at City Hall, Mayor Walsh said, “Myself and Commissioner Gross went to visit him and his family in the hospital today. His injuries are serious, and both he and his family need our prayers right now in the city…” Video emerged later in the day showing the incident, leading to may questioning who was truly at fault in the awful crash. You can see the video for yourself below:

As of this morning, the Officer’s prognosis, who has been identified as Officer Alfredo Araujo, was much better with representatives from the Boston Police Relief Fund updating us that he had been extubated, was breathing independtailny, had purposeful movement, was speaking and even moving around to a limited degree.  His wife Joana and their two daughters Amelia, who is 5 years old, and Anabelle who is 2 years old have been by his side, helping him through the recovery.  Araujo joined the Boston Police Department less than 2 years ago after making a career switch with the hopes of helping the community he loved so much.

The Boston Police Relief Association is currently asking that all donations be directed through the Official GoFundMe below: