Wannabe Lawyer Ends up in Cuffs During Traffic Stop

In the State of Massachusetts, any person operating a motor vehicle must provide their license, name and address when requested by a police officer under MGL Chapter 90 Section 25. Additionally if one refuses to identify themselves it poses the issue of verifying the subjects RMV status.

Last night Officers from District B-2 were conducting a routine traffic stop in the area of 27 Perrin Street in Roxbury. The operator of the motor vehicle when stopped quickly became noncompliant, aggressive, and refused to not only identify himself but also to step out of the vehicle when given the lawful order to.

When the operator finally stepped out of the vehicle he violently struggled and resisted officers attempts to detain him. Luckily during the stop no officers were injured, during what could have been a very dangerous incident.

The operator of the vehicle has been identified as Geovonnie Mitchell, 24-years-old of Dorchester. Mitchell now faces multiple charges including resisting arrest, and failure to submit.

This is what happens when people don’t follow simple instructions by police officers. Regardless of how many YouTube videos you watch and how skilled you are as a Facebook-Lawyer, please for everyone’s safety involved, just follow the instructions given to you by Officers, it’s for their safety as well as yours.