Dangerous Bike Lane Dividers Finally Dismantled After Causing Multiple Roll-Overs

Over the past Month or so Boston Police, Fire and EMS have responded to multiple calls for cars rolled over after striking the cement bike lane dividers that were hastily installed along the Mass Ave connector recently.

We have covered at least four of these accidents over the past month, with one of our photographers almost striking one of the barriers which were for at least a week complexly unmarked. The city after the first few accidents added small signs at the beginning of the lanes, however this still didn’t solve the problem. Additionally the design of these barriers basically created a ramp that was struck with launch cars flying into the air.

At this time we still don’t know who designed or approve the installation of these dangerous barriers. Hopefully moving forward the city takes better care in their attempts to create safe, shared roads where they don’t just focus on the bikers welfare.