Snowy Throwback Thursday

As most Bostonians stay inside and off the roads to allow for emergency workers and essential employees to safely travel, we want to take a look back to the Blizzard of ’78 when city, state, and federal workers worked around the clock to keep the city safe and functional.

During the storm almost 30 inches of snow fell ultimately leading to damages estimated at over $520 million. Additionally at least 100 fatalities and more than 4,500 injuries were contributed to the Nor’Easter.

These photos, which were generously provided to us by the Boston City Archives, were taken in one of the city’s emergency operation centers, and show workers from several city departments including Boston EMS and Boston Police. This rare look inside the command center provides us a look at the technology of the time.

H. You can see workers from different levels of government and different departments working hard to coordinate the store response. Records from the archives indicate that employees worked 24/7, often getting little rest, in one photo an exhausted city worker can be seen taking a quick nap before he goes back to answering phones. Boston Mayor Kevin White stopped by the center to thank the workers for the hard work and dedication.

Today we take a moment to remember their sacrifice and dedication as well as the commitment to helping our city that each current first responder and essential personnel commit to in their quest to keep Boston Running.