Year to Date Boston Crime Statistics Update

On December 21st, 2020 Boston Police released the latest crime statistics including the ‘Part One’ crime data as well as latest shooting numbers. As we have seen and continued to report all year the numbers show a staggering increase in violence within the city.

Compared to this time last year Boston Police report that we have seen an increase of 76 shooting related incidents. In 2019 Boston Police responded to 28 fatal shooting, with a little less than two weeks left in the year, there have been 45 fatal shootings in 2020 far for a total increase of 17 additional firearm homicides. In total so far this year 273 people have been shot in the City of Boston, thats 84 more people than the 188 people shot in 2019.

With this major surge in gun crime, Boston Police Offices from all Districts as well as as the multiple speciality units such as the Youth Violence Strike Force and City Wide Drug Control Unit have been working twice as hard to try and take as many guns off the street as possible. Thanks to the hard work of these men and women Boston Police have taken 440 firearms off the street so far in 2020. That’s 52 more guns than the 388 guns that were taken off the street in 2019.

As for other crime the Boston Police Department reports ‘Part One’ Crime which includes Robberies, Domestic Assaults, Rapes, Aggravated Assaults, Commercial and Residential Burglaries, Auto Thefts, Larcenies, as well as the previously reported gun statistics.

In addition to the staggering increase in gun crime, the City of Boston has seen a 24% increase in motor vehicle break-ins, a 64% increase in commercial burglaries, and a 3% increase in domestic violence cases. Even with all of these increases, the over all crime rate has decreased by roughly 5% city-wide. The most dramatic decreases came in the form of a 23% decrease in sexual assaults and rapes, a 10% decrease in street robberies, and an 18% decrease in residential burglaries.