Live Boston’s Top 50 of 2020

Below are the top 50 images that we have decided best showcase the events of the past year, ranging from images of rescues and lives saved to the kinder more human side of Boston’s bravest. Enjoy.

January 11th at 22:19 Hours

Boston Police K-9 on scene of 2020’s first homicide on Washington Street in Roxbury.

January 14th at 12:02 Hours

After 43 years of service, Superintendent-in-Chief Kevin Shea (C2) retires from Boston EMS.

February 7th at 13:47 Hours

The scene following the fatal Officer involved shooting of the violent EDP known as Juston Root. The Shooting was deemed justified after a thorough investigation.

February 11th 00:59 Hours

Boston Police Commissioner Gross speaks to the press after an Officer Involved Shooting in Dorchester.

February 15th at 18:06 Hours

Boston EMS Lieutenant McCarthy carries a dog to Safety after a cold water rescue in Franklin Park.

February 15 at 23:42 Hours

Detectives on scene of a homicide in Mattapan on a frigid winter night.

February 22nd at 13:51 Hours

Boston Police Command Staff look on as protestors gather outside of Boston Police Headquarters.

March 5th at 21:53 Hours

Two female Boston Firefighters talk at the scene of a multi-alarm structure fire.

March 6th at 05:33 Hours

Firefighters battling a multi alarm fire in Dorchester.

March 12th at 16:01 Hours

Crime Scene Response Unit attempts to figure out some new equipment.

March 21st at 02:51 Hours

Boston EMTs load a shooting victim that was found in a car in the Heath Street Projects.

March 22nd at 18:09 Hours

Transit Police Sergeant holds shooting suspects at gun-point in the Roxbury Prep Playground in Dorchester

March 23rd 2020 at 17:01 hours

Boston EMS EMTs can be seen dawning PPE before making contact with a possible Covid-19 patient in Roxbury.

April 6th at 00:32 Hours

Boston EMS and Boston Fire at the scene of a fiery drag racing crash on American Legion Highway.

April 7th at 17:56 Hours

Boston Police K-9 asset searches the area for three men suspected of having firearms. All three men were caught and the firearms were recovered.

April 8th at 07:18 Hours

Troopers from the Mass State Police on scene of a massive wreck on Soldier’s Field Road in Brighton

April 17th at 19:06 Hours

A Boston EMS Special Operations EMT grabs additional equipment during a Code 99 in West Roxbury.

April 18th at 18:26 Hours

Boston Police on scene of a felony traffic stop on Seaver Street in Roxbury

April 21st at 17:21 hours

B-2 Detectives attempt to figure out PPE in what was the first search of a Covid-19 positive house.

April 22nd at 09:14 Hours

Mass Ave and Harrison Ave, bicyclist versus truck.

May 16th at 11:57 Hours

Capture from the drive by parade for Retired BPD Detective John McManus who was on hospice. McManus passed away shorty after.

May 30th at 05:51 Hours

Boston Fire Commissioner Jack Dempsey Speaking to the press after his first fire as Fire Commissioner.

May 31st at 19:33 Hours

Mass State K-9 Asset on the front lawn of the State House during the George Floyd Civil Unrest.

June 1st at 01:23 Hours

The burnt shell of a Boston Police Cruiser of front of the Beantown Pub following the May 31st Riots that destroyed Downtown Boston for weeks.

June 16th at 06:27 Hours

Gang member from the Head Shot Mafia RICO roundup by local, state and feds in Dorchester.

June 24th at 05:08 Hours

DEA Special Operators in Dorchester serving multiple arrest warrants in connection to a drug ring.

July 9th at 18:42 Hours

No idea but it’s a great photo!

July 25th at 14:28 Hours

Boston EMTs care for a person who was seriously injured after being struck by a moped on Washington Street in Dorchester.

July 27th at 07:20 Hours

MSP Trooper just doing Trooper things. These guys always look good and squared away.

August 4th at 20:53 Hours

A little throwback… can you see it.

August 5th at 06:11 Hours

Boston SWAT members clearing a house for E-5 DCU

August 7th at 10:03 Hours

Just remember not everyone hates you. Most of us appreciate you more than the politicians want to admit. Thank you BPD.

August 15th at 03:38 Hours

One of the most bad-ass walk away shots ever taken. Major props eat on for and ping to this stone cold Trooper.

August 28th at 03:12 Hours

Great job by this B-2 Officer who found a missing young girl and reunited her with her family.

September 5th at 03:23 Hours

Some have to try to look this Boston, others are just born this way.

September 6th at 23:42 Hours

Always appreciate the care for detail from this B-3 legend. This was following a shooting over in the Franklin Field Projects.

September 13th at 00:41 hours

Boston EMS Lieutenant Cotter with his good friend and official Live Boston ambassador Porter.

September 19th at 19:29 Hours

Boston Firefighter at an hours long mulch fire in Jamaica Plain.

September 25th at 21:15 Hours

Boston Police Officers holding the line in Downtown Crossing, over the year this sight has become more and more common.

September 28th at 23:34 Hours

HAHAHAHA had to include this gem!

October 11th at 20:58 Hours

A crowd favorite, this image is actually our most shared image on instagram to date!

October 17th at 02:10 Hours

617 Images, a photography legend in his own mind, at a fatal MBTA Accident in Downtown Crossing.

October 20th at 07:59 Hours

The newest member of Boston FIU, Robbie! Seen here in South Boston after two cars were found touched overnight.

November 3rd at 16:22 Hours

Its all about the hustle, seen here a Sergeant Detective running to a call for shots fired in H-Block.

November 4th at 14:32 Hours

Boston EMS EMT from the Special Operations Division seen here at an MVA on Mass Ave.

November 4th at 20:42 Hours

Boston EMS Paramedic preparing to intubate the victim of a hit and run in Downton Boston.

November 6th at 09:05 Hours

Boston SAWT. It’s a lifestyle… or something like that.

November 6th at 12:04 Hours

Boston EMS Special Operations Command Staff at the scene of a 19-hour standoff at the W Hotel in Downtown Boston.

November 11th at 02:28 Hours

3 illegal guns recovered during a traffic stop prompted a mini-celebration after the suspects and weapons were secured by the B-2 Anti-Crime Unit.

December 22nd at 17:00 Hours

“Captain Bob” as he is known by the locals walking through Downtown Crossing, many of the “residents” or homeless here seem to know the Captain and say he has helped make the area safer.