Full Update on the Gruesome Accident in Charlestown that Killed a 92 Year Old Man

At approximately 11:30 hours on Tuesday, January 5, Boston Police Officers from District A-15 responded to the intersection of North Washington Street, Chelsea Street and the I-93 on ramp in the City Square area of Charlestown for the reports of something in the roadway, possibly an animal or other form of roadkill.

The first arriving officer found what can only be described as the mangled body torn limb from limb of what was a decapitated person who had been dragged by a vehicle laying at the start of the I-93 on ramp. The Officer requested additional units and Boston EMS EMTs and Paramedics were quickly added to the call.

Officers immediately shut down the intersection, rerouting traffic out of the area. When EMTs arrived they assessed the victim and he was immediately declared deceased at the scene with such significant signs of trauma only consistent with death. EMS Command Staff were also on scene and began updating operations to alert all EMS agencies in the area to reroute emergency traffic for an unknown period.

After the pronouncement by EMS, Boston Police Command Staff made full notifications, calling in District Detectives and Command Staff, the Homicide Unit, the Crime Scene Response Unit, the Truck Team, and the Fatal Collision Investigative Team.

District A-1/A1-15 Commander, the Alpha Charlie 1, quickly took over incident command, closing down the immediate area of City Square, rerouting all traffic and freezing the crime scene until investigators arrived. Citywide Emergency Deployment Teams, or EDTs for short, were activated with units responding to assist from across the city.

A box truck was originally on scene, however it soon became clear that the driver of the vehicle that dragged the victim was no longer on scene and the Box truck driver was just a witness. As Officers began to canvas the area, they slowly followed the trail of blood, personal belongings and flesh down Chelsea Street towards the Charlestown Navy Yard.

They methodically began expanding the Crime Scene until they eventually located the point of impact, over a mile from where the body was located at the car lot on Terminal Street. With the assistance of the United States Park Police and the EDTs, Chelsea Street was shut down from Terminal Street all the way up to the I-93 ramp.

Detectives and investigators began the lengthy and tenuous task of marking, photographing, and studying the mile long crime scene. Starting at the Car Park, investigators carefully looked at every detail, scrap of flesh and pool of blood, cataloging it all as they proceeded, eventually making it to the victim.

For hours the area was shut down for traffic, basically locking down the Navy Yard to all incoming and outgoing traffic as the investigation proceeded. Through video surveillance and witness statements, police were able to identify the vehicle, a car-carrier, involved in the incident, which by the time it was identified had made its way to Rhode Island with the driver not even knowing the incident had occurred.

After the crime scene was processed, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner responded and collected the corpse as well as the remains that were scattered in the roadway. Boston Police have confirmed the victim’s identity as 92 year old Francis McGrath of Stoneham, further details were unable to be confirmed as the investigation is ongoing.