New Footage Of D.A. Rollins Melting down Furthers Questions on Fitness to Hold Office

As we reported earlier this week, Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins is currently under investigation by Boston Police Internal Affairs as well as the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office due to multiple accusations of corruption. The scandal began on Christmas Eve when D.A. Rollins allegedly blocked in a woman in a parking lot at the South Bay Shopping Center using her State owned vehicle which for an unknown reason is equipped with Police Lights and a Siren. She then allegedly after cornering the woman, threatened that she would write her a ticket and other threats. After screaming at the woman Rollins allegedly improperly used the emergency equipment installed in the vehicle including both the lights and siren. None of these claims have been substantiated at this time, however the more we learn, and the more we see from the D.A. the more realistic these claims become. From our reading of the complaint, the following is what we believe are the alleged charges that need to be investigated:

  1. Unlawful Detainment/Imprisonment under M.G.L. Part IV Title I Ch.265 § 26
  2. Impersonating a Police Officer under M.G.L. Part IV Title I Ch.268 § 33
  3. Illegal Use and Mounting of a Siren under M.G.L. Part I Title XIV Ch.90 § 16
  4. Illegal Use and Mounting of Emergency (Police) Lights under M.G.L. Part I Title XIV Ch.90 § 7(E)
  5. Failure to Stop for a Red Light M.G.L. Part I Title XIV Ch.89 § 8
  6. Reckless and/or Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle M.G.L. Part I Title XIV Ch. 90, § 24(2)(a)

On January 9th we published our findings, after almost a week and a half of investigating the matter, (you can read our full breakdown here), but the craziest part was D.A. Rollins didn’t do what most smart politicians would, be quiet and let the investigation proceed. Instead she went to twitter posting the following strange, borderline racist, completely contradictory and even as some have speculated drunk tweets about almost being attacked outside of her home by a “white man”.

Well, it turns out that this scary “white man” was intact a news camera man who had his camera rolling the entire time. Now watch closely, Rollins exits her vehicle and aggressively walks towards the man, who also had a female reporter with him. As she approaches the pair she immediately becomes aggressive and indignant that someone could possibly want to speak to her at her home. Ironically this is similar to how her own investigators could approach the subject of their own investigation.

The interaction continues, Rollins openly admits her children were not with her but inside the residence, again contradicting her previous tweets. As the reporter tried to explain that they simply want to ask a question Rollins launches into an tirade full of expletives, claiming that as a “black woman” (who has a protective detail), could have her kids “fucking killed” as a result of the publicity, a concern that she clearly overlooked when being featured on Netflix. Again we see D.A. Rollins attempt to solicit sympathy through race and motherhood rather than face the tough questions over her increasingly erratic behavior. Waving her finger in both the camera and the reporter’s face, she increasingly gets closer and closer in what could be considered physically menacing the two newspeople.

She then in the next portion begins to become increasingly aggressive, threatening call 911 and file a false police report, again bringing race into the matter by calling Ms Lawson a deranged white woman. Rollins finally finishes on a sinister note, threatening to find out who the reporter was, implying she would be seeking retribution for the questioning. With her last attack and threat seemingly useless she finally falls back on demanding her Boston Police provided driver arrest the newspeople in a fit of entitlement before storming back to her vehicle. Following the incident Rollins released this statement:

District Attorney Rollins ran for office, was elected, and has led with unprecedented transparency and access. She has been and remains available to her constituents, colleagues, and members of the media and has never avoided a difficult conversation. Indeed, she had an on the record telephone conversation with you Friday night. She will continue to lead in this manner, fully understanding and expecting the scrutiny that comes with being an elected public official. But this past Friday was something different. Some 48 hours after our country witnessed an attack on those very same elected officials, an unknown vehicle with an unknown man approached her in front of her home where she is the mother and guardian to three young girls. And she responded not as an elected official, but as a mother, an aunt, and a caregiver who believes her primary responsibility is to love and protect her family. District Attorney Rollins has long been an advocate for the protection of the privacy and safety of the families of government officials. She deserves the same.”

The irony being that this was exactly what Rollins is accused of stealing from Ms Lawson, her right to safety, protection and not not be harassed by a District Attorney who is quickly becoming known for her unprofessional, erratic meltdowns and baseless attacks on those who oppose her. After watching this footage it only seems fair that we give more weight to Ms Lawsons accusations, after all Rollins’ behavior that was captured on tape seems to fit the M.O., as a prosecutor may say.

Between her alleged behavior on Christmas Eve, her utterly confusing and insane tweets and now this tape, a clear picture has been painted for the general public of the seemingly uncontrollable, overly emotional, and possibly unhinged D.A. that so many, including her own staff have reported witnessing but had long fallen on deaf ears.

People are starting to take notice, with some even calling for the D.A. to resign and others going even further to call on the Courts to remove her from Office. As we await the findings of the investigation into Christmas Eve, one thing is clear, regardless of the finding, D.A. Rollins has proven once and for all that the rumors of her emotional outbursts, entitlement and hysteria are far from fiction.