Amazing Work by Boston Police with Peaceful Resolution of ‘Person with A Gun’ Call in Hyde Park

At approximately 14:00 hours on Saturday January 15th, Boston a police Officers en route to another radio call were flagged down in the area or 1872 River Street in Hyde Park by a man asking for a ride. While speaking with the man, Boston Operations broadcast an alert for Officer Safety from Dedham Police for reports of a man with a gun, including a description of the suspect, which matched the man they were speaking to almost identically.

Additionally Officers arrived on scene and the man was carefully approached, when asked by officers if he was in possession of a firearm, the man motioned in an affirmative manner and reached towards his side. Officers immediately began to verbally attempt deescalation as they moved in to secure what they believed was a firearm.

The man was quickly disarmed however he continued to violently resist officers, eventually being subdued. After examining the object it was discovered that the “gun” was a BB Gun that looked almost identical to a real weapon. Luckily for this man, Officer’s skill and high level of training allowed them to take control of the situation without serious use of force or resulting injury. It quickly became clear to officers that the man was suffering from some mental illness and it was decided that rather charge the man it would be in his best interests to be seen for a mental evaluation at a local area hospital.

This call is another great example of the bravery, compassion and skill of Boston Officer’s that ultimately lead to a positive, healthy and incident free conclusion of an incident that could have just as easily ended in tragedy.