Local Hero Honored for Service During WWII

Saturday January 23rd around 14:00 hours Boston Police, Boston Fire and the City of Boston Veterans’ Services came to gather to honor a local World War Two Veteran who had recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer. As a salute to his service, with the help of the hero’s daughter, Heather Cook, over 50 vehicles, both city and personal, drove past waving flags, holding signs and honking in support.

Richard Cook, 95, served in the Navy during WWII fighting in the Pacific against the Japanese, and further postings in the Philippines and New Guinea before his last conflict in Iwo Jima. Following this, he returned home by route of Hawaii to San Fransisco. When asked about his experiences, Cook had this to say, “I still think about all my buddies who didn’t make it. Still over there, laying in the swamps where they fell…” but when on to say, “It was worth it, you can’t beat it.” He is a strong proponent of services, telling all the children around that they should join and serve. He ended the interview with one simple request, “I’ll tell you one thing I could use, a healthy shot of Sambuca right now!”

With a smile on his face as the parade drove past, “I’m really really happy… this brings back a lot of memories, I’v been all over the world, but Boston’s the place for me!” The celebration of this hero’s life concluded with Boston City Councilor Ed Fylnn helping present a flag to Cook as a thank you for his service.