Calls for Resignation Amidst Mejia Scandal

Throughout the day today as well as the past week, we received multiple calls and emails about an alleged live stream, footage and images of a homicide in Mattapan on Capen Street. The footage appeared to be inside of a Crime Scene, behind the yellow tape, where man’s body was clearly viable and. Originally we were confused as our photographer was actually late arriving to the scene and had only been able to capture images of the vehicle from almost two blocks away, but as is our nature we began to dig.

Now before we get into what our investigation found, we would like to take a second and tell you about Brandon Willams, the man who had his life stolen from him too early in a senseless, horrid act of violence. Hardworking father, son, brother, uncle, nephew and friend and veteran. A dedicated father to his 4-year-old daughter Alilah, and a generally kind man. Those who knew him described him as a funny, kind and respectful person who was always willing to lend a helping hand and support those in need. He was taken too soon and his family will now never be the same.

Yesterday our investigation came to a head with the publication of a video by City Councilor Julie Mejia, the woman who won her seat by a margin of one vote and lives feet away from where the Capen Street homicide occurred. In her video posted below, she briefly mentions she may have posted something that was inappropriate however she skillfully attempts to redirect attention away from herself and rather toward others. After watching the video our team was confused on what it was in response to so we continued to dig.

What we found was shocking. Allegedly after hearing gunshots ring out in her neighborhood, Councilor Mejia without hesitation picked up the phone and started a live stream. Rather than call 911, or offer assistance, she decided to use the tragic death of her neighbor for her own self promotion according to those who saw the video. Those who saw the video, including the victims family report that Mejia can be seen walking into what was an active crime scene, up to the body of the deceased, and proceeding to touch objects in the scene and possibly the corpse. The video allegedly goes on to show her refusing to cooperate with police and then further upsetting the family by telling them false information about the man’s condition, indicating that he may be alive and further causing more chaos.

Quickly after the incident, Mejia removed the video, which we are currently working to try and recover, in a clear and blatant attempt to cover her tracks. Furthermore, the next morning she went on to reach out and speak with the Globe something she didn’t even bother to ask the victims family if they were okay with first. Rather than use the interview as a means to advocate for the victim and his family Mejia used the Globe interview to further self promote herself, including toting multiple other homicides she’s been involved with in what we can only describe as a sad attempt to gain credibility. She then went on to retweet the self-serving article with the utterly inappropriate hashtag “#shookfromlastnight”.

Finally yesterday she released the video which we included above, where she first tries to shift responsibility for her actions onto others, then attempts to justify them before finishing by trying to use the victim and his family as a scapegoat of attention. At points during the video it even appeared as if she was attempting to paint herself as a victim of circumstance rather than the perpetrator behind the trauma. For the second time, the family was not consulted or spoken to by Mejia before she leapt into the public spotlight, using the victim as her platform again.

In the comments on Facebook, the father of the victim clearly states that he still hadn’t been contacted and calls Majia out on the blatant exploitation of his son. On Twitter another family member says that her video was “inadequate” and she is “deeply disappointed”, again echoing claims that Majia had not even reached out to ask the families permission before capitalizing on their trauma.

With all of this said and done, many are now questioning the City Councilors ability to truly represent her constituents, when her behavior has already shown a clear lack of empathy and respect for those who voted and elected her. When someone cannot behave properly when their next-door neighbor is executed, let alone it being a city representative, it brings into question if that person is fit to represent the people of the city of Boston.

After speaking with a representative of the family of Brandon Williams, they are still grieving and looking to heal and have asked for privacy during this difficult time. There has been a Go Fund Me established to help with the family and his daughter’s needs during this difficult time and anyone who is able is asked to support. The prayers of all of us here at Live Boston are with the family as they navigate these difficult times.

The Boston Police Department is actively reviewing the facts and circumstances surrounding the murder of Brendan and is asking anyone with information relative to this investigation to contact Boston Police Homicide Detectives at (617) 343-4470. Additionally we did reach out multiple times today to Councilor Julie Mejia Office for comment however we have not received a response. Better yet we have found the Councilor would rather block our accounts rather than face questions related to her outrageous behavior. This just further shows a pattern of unprofessionalism, lack of accountability, and general disregard for decency.