Brutal Attack on Female Rookie Officer Highlights the Daily Dangers that Police Face

Yesterday evening at approximately 19:00 hours a young, female, Boston Police Officer, a graduate of the last academy in the summer of 2020, was brutally and violently attacked while working the front desk of District D-4. The suspect, using a large metal pole, broke through the protective barrier, and launched himself at the Officer.

A violent struggle ensued and finally the man was taken into custody. One witness who saw the scene from outside of the station described the man’s attack like he was “a child being birthed”, diving head first through the glass in what we can only assume was an attempt to further attack the Officer, if not take her life.

Numerous concerns have since been raised regarding the security and safety of Officers, with experts we talked to bringing into question what the department should have done to prevent this. During such a volatile time in our society‘s history, where police officers are constantly the target of attacks and violent acts, it’s surprising that the department had not acted prior to this incident to ensure their members safety. Unlike many other departments around the country such as New York, Boston has not installed reinforced glass or other safety measures in both of their cruisers as well as in stations. Going forward we hope that the department learns from this incident and chooses to prioritize the safety of its officers over other projects they choose to invest in.

Another lesson to take away from this horrific incident is how these attacks on officers have continued to increase with 44 officers already given their life in the line of duty this year in the United States. It is important to recognize that the current anti-police culture perpetuated by so many politicians have real world consequences. When our elected leaders vilify officers and encourage violence against them it is just a matter of time before lives are lost.

Sources outside of the Department reported to us that the suspect is believed to be Edmund Grispi, 56, of Boston who is now facing charges of charged of Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, Breaking and Entering, Willful & Malicious Destruction of Property as well as possible additional charges upcoming in the next few days. At this time Boston Police would not confirm any details and provided us with no further comment. As of 20:30 hours this evening, over 24 hours after the incident, the glass is still shattered with shards still strewn around the lobby. No word yet on when it will be replaced, and if it will be replaced with safer reenforced glass, or even when the lobby will reopen. As for the Officers involved, lucky all escaped with no major injuries. For now the station remains shuttered to the public with the doors zip-tied shut with plastic handcuffs.