Double Overdose at Macumba Under Investigation by Boston Police

Early Monday morning at approximately 03:00 hours Boston Police Officers from District B-3 responded for reports of two people unconscious inside of 477 River Street, infamous Macumba Night Club which has been the scene of multiple violent crimes, shootings and fights.

When Officers arrived, they found two adults who had seemingly been dragged out to the street from inside not breathing. There were no signs of trauma and quickly it became apparent that these two had overdosed. It is also unclear on who dragged the two people outside and if it was an attempt by the establishment to try and move them off the premise before officers arrived.

Lucky for the two people, Boston EMS quickly arrived on scene and were able to administer Naloxone helping them began to breath again. They were both transported to local area hospitals where they are expected to make a full recovery.

At this time not much information is available however Boston Police were able to confirm that Detectives and members of their Licensing Division were currently investigating the incident however would not be able to provide further comment.