Cat…astrophic Crash Avoided with Quick Police Work Over the Weekend

At approximately 02:30 hours Saturday Morning, Boston Police Officers Posted at the Villa Projects in the South End observed a vehicle driving erratically, committing numerous traffic violations as well as having multiple equipment violation. When Officers instructed the driver to pull over right meow, it did not stop, but also did not exactly flea… the operator seemingly continued ignoring the officers going approximately 8 miles per hour.

After following the vehicle for a number of blocks up one way streets, the wrong way and through red lights officers with assistance from other units in the area were finally able to get the vehicle stopped. When they removed the driver from the vehicle and detained him, they immediately knew something was off, there was damage to the car considering with a crash but the driver seemed a little off.

It wasn’t medical, it wasn’t intoxication he just seemed shook-up with the driver clearly distressed and confused. As Officers quickly checked the vehicle for other occupants, they discovered a cat, chilling in the back seat. Luckily the animal seemed pawsitively unharmed during the incident. After speaking with the man, offering him medical treatment and speaking with his family the decision was made to summons him for his driving, tow the car and provide him a ride to his family who would be able to help look after him.

The cat, which Boston Police have confirmed the identity as, Ice of Dorchester, has no criminal hisstory, and was fully compliant thoughtout his interactions with officers on scenes and was only given a strong warning. The furmidable duo were transported home safely with out incident to Dorchester.