Man Clinging to Life after columbia road moped crash

Last Thursday Boston EMS, Boston Fire, and Boston Police Officers from B-2 and C-11 responded to the area of Columbia Road and Mass Ave. after reports of a person trapped under a vehicle as the result oof a moped vs. vehicle crash. On arrival, a male was found trapped under a vehicle with serous life threatening injuries. After a careful extrication, the man was transported by Boston EMS to a local area Trauma Center.

Due to the seriousness of the mans injuries full notifications were made with Boston Police Command Staff, the Homicide Unit, FCI Team, Crime Scene Response Unit, and District Detectives all being called to the scene. As investigators began to review the scene, an update came from the hospital that the man was expected to survive his injuries, causing the incident to be passed back off to the District Auto Investigator.  At this time no further information is available.