Profesional Hockey Player Brandon Yip’s Charlestown ‘Home’ Scene of Gruesome Airbnb Execution

At approximately 03:20 hours this morning, Boston Police and Boston EMS responded to calls of a person shot inside of 6 Mystic Place in Charlestown. Initial details of the incident were unclear, with not much information available.

Earlier in the evening, some time around midnight according to neighbors, Boston Police Officers answered a call for service at the address after receiving a 911 call about a loud, rowdy party that had spilled out into their quiet cul-de-sac. Officers responded to find a birthday party that did not seem to be breaking any laws or ordinances, and they requested that they keep the noise down and stay inside. The host agreed, and they left without any inclination of what they would be responding to hours later.

Some three hours later, when the second call to the address was made, officers found a much different scene. The house was quiet, and they proceeded to do a protective sweep to check for victims and make sure no threats remained on scene. During this time, officers located a male victim suffering from an apparent gun shot wound to his head. Boston EMS, EMTs, and Paramedics arrived with Police and checked on the victim – pronouncing him dead on scene. Boston Police identified the man as Jawad Muhammed, 33 of Mattapan. Full notifications were made, and investigators from the Homicide Unit, District Detectives, and the Crime Scene Response Unit were all called to the scene. After securing the scene and beginning investigation, two things became abruptly apparent: there was no gun on scene, and the 911 caller had also seemingly vanished.

To be transparent, the following claims and witness accounts cannot be verified at this time. What we do know is about 45 minutes after the original 911 call was placed, four girls, partially dressed, and some shoeless, returned to the scene in a car, shouting that the Airbnb was theirs. They said they had called 911 about the shooting and just wanted to retrieve their belongings, seemingly unfazed by the incident that they had called in, or the corpse one can only assume they knew was inside. Another unanswered question is where the four females went in between their call to 911 and their return to the scene. Thankfully for investigators, many neighbors were awake as a result of the party’s noise, and were willing to assist police in what they witnessed. A party-goer who we spoke to after they were interviewed by Police told us that an argument broke out over what seemed to be drug related, and that the next thing she knew, a man had shot another man point blank in the head – execution style. Also fortunate for investigators is the fact that many houses in the area have surveillance systems, allowing Detectives to build a near perfect video timeline of the incident.

There has also been speculation surrounding the almost 2,800 square foot single family home that happened to be the scene of the murder. The house is owned by none other than Former NHL Player, and Current Canadian Hockey Star, Brandon Yip. One woman who lives behind the property told us that the house has become a blight on the neighborhood, with frequent parties, fights, and loud music. She couldn’t even remember the last time she saw Yip at his so-called residence, going on to insinuate that Yip’s lack of oversight of the now semi-legal rental property, as well as the lack of properly vetting guests he rents to, is partly to blame for this tragedy. When asked why she hadn’t called 911 more often she curtly chirped, “it’s Charlestown, we don’t do that here.”

Image or Yip from his Instagram in January 2020

What we do know is that Yip bought the house, now valued at over $1.3 Million, in 2013 while he was bouncing between teams across the NHL; however, with his most recent out of country contracts, many of his neighbors wonder if he is in violation of the new Airbnb restrictions. In August of 2019, the City of Boston put into effect regulation that required short term rental properties be “owner-occupied”, meaning that it must be considered a primary residence. To be considered a primary residence in Boston the owner must live in the residence for at least nine months out of the year. According to some neighbors, Yip falls very short of this requirement. We attempted to reach out to Yip for comment both directly and through his representatives, but did not receive a reply.

For now all we known is that a man was brutally murdered in a blatant, heinous manner that showed no sense of humanity. The house it happened in, belongs to a prominent athlete who’s neighbors claim he is far from Mr Rogers, and seemingly has a history of allowing sordid behavior by his guest at his Airbnb or other short term rental use. For now though, the Boston Police Department is simply asking anyone with information relative to this investigation to contact Boston Police Homicide Detectives at (617) 343-4470.