Major Collision As Car Attempts to Flee MSP Traffic Stop in Southie Friday

Shortly before 19:00 hours Friday night, a State Trooper assigned to the South Boston Barracks attempted a routine traffic stop in the Columbia Road rotary area. The Trooper was able to identify the operator, but the operator abruptly fled before being able to continue with the stop.

Given the heavy traffic and unsafe conditions, the trooper made the call to not pursue or follow, instead radioing out a suspect description of the vehicle’s operator including the plate and driver ID. Moments after radioing out the BOLO, the trooper watched as the vehicle erratically careened into a pickup truck, sending it rolling. As multiple units converged on the area, they quickly checked for injuries and went to detain the suspects – two women and one man – that were left in the suspect car.

The driver of the suspect’s car quickly made off on foot and was not able to be apprehended. After coordinating with Boston and other local authorities, they were able to track the driver with K-9s and available technology to his residence. Luckily, the driver and passenger of the pickup truck only sustained minor injuries, however, the truck is expected to be totaled.

The three other passengers in the suspect’s vehicle were eventually released at the scene, with one of the females who was already wearing an ankle bracelet shouting, “I didn’t do nothing I ain’t gonna go back to jail”. No further details are available at this time.