Behind the Scenes of a New Group Revolutionizing Firearms Training and Safety

Last November, we had the pleasure of capturing the CASS Training Group, or CTG for short, putting a group of this country’s top-tier federal agents through one of their two day assessment training programs.

CTG emphasizes relentless focus on fundamentals, deliberate practice theory, and confidence-building to maximize their students’ ability to think, react, and fight under stress. Their courses are backed by extensive force science research.

Watching these expert marksmen and agents, with years of active experience, improve their skills and learn new techniques through CTG’s instruction was a truly incredible experience.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time shooter, long-time carrier, or speciality law enforcement team member, these training programs will improve your skill set and prepare you for when you need it most. CTG is dedicated to helping everyone achieve the highest performance-based firearms standards.

We were happy to cover and even participate in their training and look forward to our next invite. The only way to really describe this experience was just totally bad-ass! Check out more and book a session today by clicking HERE!