Multiple Bomb Threats on Partners Healthcare Properties Throughout Boston

Last Friday, April 9th, Partners Healthcare received numerous calls from an international untraceable number making claims of multiple explosive devices on various Partners locations throughout Boston.

IncIdent #1:

Area of 125 Nashua Street: At 08:20am, a call was made for a suspicious package being left on the walkway in the rear of MGH Spaulding Rehabilitation Center. The area was evacuated, and BPD officers, EOD K9, Boston Bomb Squad, and the Patrol Supervisor, an A-1 district sergeant, investigated the package. Diagnostic procedures determined that the package was not a threat, and primary and secondary searches were negative. MGH security, Transit Police, and Massachusetts State Police were also on scene to assist.

Incident #2:

Area of 55 Fruit Street: At 10:23pm, a call was made for a bomb threat or potential homemade IED. The area was evacuated, and BPD, EOD K9, and Boston Bomb Squad responded, doing a protective sweep around the emergency room and ambulance bay for traces of explosives. Primary and secondary searches were negative, and the area was eventually reopened with officers advising to re-contact if any further details developed.

Incident #3:

Almost immediately after units cleared the threat at MGH Main Campus, the Brigham & Women’s Main Campus Emergency Department located at 75 Francis Street received a call for a bomb threat. Similarly to the other incidents during the day, the area was evacuated, and BPD, EOD K9, and Boston Bomb Squad responded to sweep the area and reopen the area once it was deemed safe.

At this time the investigation is ongoing, with Boston Police confirming that they are actively investigating the above incidents. It is safe to assume that BPD and their federal counterparts will be looking into these threats, however it should be emphasized that there is no current threat to the public.