More Rollins Drama with Rumors Swirling and a Catty Semi-Incoherent Rebuttal from the DA

Shortly after 19:00 hours, a Twitter account with the user name @discoverjeff, tied to a local man named Jeff Durham, tweeted that current District Attorney for Suffolk County, Rachael Rollins, would be leaving Office. This tweet caused a firestorm across social media, with people speculating if it was true, where she was heading, and question if she could possibly still be up for job of US Attorney for Massachusetts given her recent indiscretions.

The tweet was seen far and wide, with others referencing it and even breaking news sites sharing the news from their own accounts. Here at Live Boston, the emails, texts, and DMs began pouring in – and of course we had to dig into it. We immediately begin firing off emails to everyone and anyone in an attempt to confirm this headline. We emailed the Suffolk County DA’s Office and many others until finally Rollins herself tweeted a reply.

In her normal fashion, Rollins, instead of acting as a professional politician, responded with semi-incoherent rambling. She not only brought gender which was irrelevant into the conversation, but also insinuated that she had the power to tell the governor who would be the next District Attorney. She called the man who had reported the news a fool, and then berated him for not spelling her name correctly -something she was guilty of just earlier in the day when speaking about the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing. She ended the conversation dismissively, stating that there were more serious issues to get back to – an absolute slap in the face to any journalist seeking a reasonable and respectful response to the rumors that had been swirling.

Twitter did not take kindly to her response either, with some even insinuating intoxication playing a role in yet another bizarre tweet. Others straight up called for her resignation, and also brought up her infamous incident at South Bay Shopping Center. Finally, one tweet that caught our eye was one from a woman who claimed that Rollins was the “liberal version of Trump”, stating she needed to stop before she did further harm to her own reputation and get off of Twitter.

As it stands now, it seems like the scandal ridden DA will still be in Office, and her dreams of US Attorney still fully at the front of her mind. We look forward to seeing what comes next and if she steps up to the plate this summer to prevent any increase to the already historic violence that had plagues our city last summer. For now we wait with bated breath.