Girl Suffers Tragic TraUmatic Injury at House Party in Allston

Saturday morning at approximately 01:30 hours, Boston EMS and the Boston Fire Department responded to 131 Glenville Ave, in Allston after calls were made for an injured female who had fallen off a balcony. The house was packed with college kids according to neighbors when the incident occurred.

Initial reports said the victim had fallen from a second story balcony and was in and out of consciousness. When EMS arrived, she was fully immobilized and extracted with from the building with Boston Fire.

She was transported with very serious, but non-life-threatening, injuries. She was transported before Boston Police was able to arrive, and there is no word if they are actively investing the incident at this time. Boston Police had nothing further when we contacted them. Neighbors say that this address is a known party house that has had multiple issues in the past.