Boston Police Help Save Man’s Life At BMC Overnight

Sunday morning at roughly 01:00 hours, Boston Police Officers from Distirct B-2 were out on patrol when they encountered a vehicle flying down Blue Hill Ave towards Downtown. When officers went to stop the car, they realized that the passenger was bleeding out. He had been shot multiple times, and the driver was trying to get him to a hospital.

Knowing the man was in need of serious medical attention, officers made the call to escort the man to Boston Medical Center. They communicated to other units and helped block traffic to ensure a safe and fast arrival at the hospital. When they arrived, officers went to help the man out of the vehicle, but he became unresponsive. Without hesitation, officers picked up the man, frantically carrying his body into the hospital, just in time for doctors to intervene and save his life.

Thanks to the dedication and commitment of those officers, the man is still clinging to life after hours in the trauma unit of the emergency department as of this morning. Detectives were eventually called to process the scene of the vehicle. They are still working to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident, but it is thought that it is related to the shooting on Glenway Street. No further information is available at this time.