Stupid Man-Child Crashes Motorcycle After Attempting to Evade Police for No Good Reason

Shortly after Officers responded to the ShotSpotter activation on Blue Hill Ave and Ingleside Street, about a block away, members of the Anti-Crime Unit observed a male with a motorcycle helmet on and wearing clothing that matched the suspect description fleeing the area.

When units attempted to stop the motorcycle, the man fled erratically and at a high rate of speed – blowing through a red light as well as weaving in and out of traffic. Officers continued following the motorcycle from a distance up until the operator lost control of the motorcycle and it crashed.

Units caught up to the scene of the crash and detained the operator, calling in EMS who responded and ultimately transported him to a local area hospital where he was treated for minor injuries. It turned out that he was not the suspect being looked for in connection to the shots fired on Blue Hill Ave.

It eventually became clear that it was just a young and dumb kid that was in the area at the wrong place and wrong time. Even though he was not the shooter; he will he forced to answer for his idiot actions, he will be summonsed to court on multiple charges including fleeing from the police and reckless endangerment. Due to the fact he was summonsed, Boston Police Policy is to not release the suspect name.