Off Duty Cop Jumps Into Action To Save Old Woman From Violent Gang Attack

Sunday afternoon, shortly before 17:00 hours, an off-duty Boston Police Officer driving home down Boston Street in Dorchester noticed a group of 4-5 teenagers surrounding an older woman attacking her on the sidewalk. The officer noticed that the group was armed with weapons, one of which was a large kitchen knife. Without hesitation, the officer sprung into action, placing himself between the woman and her attackers despite being greatly outnumbered. In the midst of the attack he was able to radio his department, screaming for help. Additional officers arrived just in time, finally scaring off the gang of teens.

Officers attempted to pursue the group, but they scattered when they fled and got away. Thankfully, the area was heavily surveilled with multiple security cameras able to provide fairly clear suspect images. We spoke to the woman on scene, and she told us she was just thankful for the officer that stopped – truly believing she would have died on that sidewalk if no one had intervened.

While looking into the identities of the suspects, some officers were able to recognize some of the individuals as known gang members. Also lucky for police officers was the fact that the attackers had dropped the knife at the scene, allowing for Detectives to collect fingerprints from the weapon to further identify the attackers. The investigation is ongoing at this time, however due to the security footage, physical evidence from the scene, and pre-existing knowledge of criminal activity of the group, there is a high chance of these violent gang members being found. While there is little doubt that these criminals will be caught, and community members with information that want to assist are encouraged to do so by anonymously by contacting the CrimeStoppers Tip Line at 1 (800) 494-TIPS or by texting the word ‘TIP’ to CRIME (27463).