Man Arrested After Brandishing Almost Identical Firearm Replica

Earlier this week, Boston Police Officers from District C-11 made an on-site arrest of a man in the area of 170 Hancock Street across from the BPD Field Support Division Building who was believed to be in possession of a firearm.

The man had brandished what appeared to be a firearm during a crime and was quickly taken into custody. He was arrested on scene, and the apparent firearm was recovered by detectives from his bag, who upon taking it apart, determined it was a prop gun. The object was almost exactly identical down to a working hammer, magazine and slide. The only difference is that it only fired blanks.

At this time the Boston Police Department has refused to respond to requests for information pertaining to the charges and identity of the subject, and as of our last communication denied that the incident had even occurred, which we know from the images is not the case.