Boat Catches Fire in Boston Harbor

May 29th, shortly before 20:00 hours, the Boston Fire Department received calls for a floating vessel on fire in the harbor near Rowes Wharf.

The Marine Unit for the Boston Fire Department along with fire crews from the Massachusetts Port authority responded to find an unoccupied, 24 foot boat that had been completely engulfed in flames.

Windy conditions made battling the fire more challenging, as they needed to keep the boat from drifting into others in the harbor where it would potentially spread the fire. The Boston Odyssey was evacuated as the boat drifted toward it, however it never came in contact with the cruise ship.

Companies were able to corral the vessel with a rope to tow it to the docks near John Joseph Moakley Courthouse. They were able to finish extinguishing the flames by roughly 20:45 hours.

The ship sank after flames were extinguished, and crews were seen later in the evening working with booms provided by the Dept. of Environmental Protection in an attempt to contain fuel that had leaked out of the boat into the harbor. There has been no say on a potential cause for the fire.