Kyrie Irving Blames A Culture of Racism and Privilege for Sunday Night Attack at TD Garden

At the conclusion of the game Sunday while the players were exiting the court, a fan threw a bottle at the head of Kyrie Irving. He was arrested without major incident and taken by Boston Police from the Garden after being detained by security. Boston Police have confirmed the fan is 21-year-old Cole Buckley of Braintree, who is now facing felony charges of Assault & Battery with a Dangerous Weapon. The suburbanite with a problem will be arraigned Monday at Boston Municipal Court, until then he will be sitting in a holding cell contemplating his actions.

It is also unclear what motivated brazen attack, however speculation has already begun on social media and in the press. Some are playing the move off as a drunken mistake, while some are debating if race played a role into the action. During a press conference after the game, Irving said, “it’s unfortunate…where you’re seeing a lot of old ways come up…underlying racism and just treating people like they’re in a human zoo…people just feel very entitled out here…”

On the surface Buckley seems to be the almost perfect embodiment of a privileged suburbanite coming into the city to wreak havoc. His public Facebook shows he attended Thayer Academy, known to have tuition of over $50k a year, and even features a photo of what appears to be him riding a race horse. His last public post shows him to be a proud fraternity brother at the University of Rhode Island’s chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha. As for a criminal past, it appears as if this is the young man’s first run in with the law.

Outside of the Garden fans could be heard both calling for retaliation as well as some chanting “F*ck Kyrie” with mixed feelings of the young man’s actions. As for this man’s future, the question is still up the air. He is expected to be arraigned on the charges listed, however if his wealth and connections come into play, all bets are off. One thing is for certain, Buckley won’t be watching any games in person any time soon; in a statement released by TD Garden, they confirmed that he will be facing a lifetime ban, including all events hosted at the venue, meaning no more Bruins, Celtics, concerts or any other event on the premises.