Raven’s Challenge Comes to Massachusetts This Week

Raven’s Challenge is an incredible annual, interagency, counter IED exercise funded by the Department of the Army and led by the ATF that focuses on integrating the capabilities between public safety bomb squads and military explosive disposal in operational environments.

The FBI, Department of Defense, and Department of Homeland Security’s TSA all provide resources and manpower to these trainings. Their objectives are to unify the tactics used by different departments. Dynamic live fire training scenarios and real in field environments are used for these trainings in order to enhance team building and serve as a liaison between public safety bomb squads and EOD units.

This past week, personnel from Massachusetts State Police EOD, the National Guard, Boston Police, and other local entities attended. There was training both at MBTA training in Boston as well as Fort Devens out in western Mass. Attendees we spoke with raved (pun intended) about the training course, remarking on the knowledge and professionalism of those instructing the exercises.