Over 90 Recruits Sworn in from Boston Police Academy Class 60-20 Thursday

At about 11:00 AM on Thursday June 10, 2021, members of Boston Police Academy Recruit Class 60-20 were officially sworn in as Boston Police Officers during a graduation ceremony held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in the Seaport.

The ninety-four newly appointed BPD Officers stood proudly in front of their family, friends, and loved ones as they took their solemn oath to join the ranks of the oldest police department in the nation, their eyes set on the future of community engagement and policing within our neighborhoods across the City of Boston.

Acting Mayor Kim Janey addressed the graduating class, stating that “we are at a turning point, not just in the city of Boston, but in our country, and this class has stepped up to meet that call”, reminding officers that this isn’t just a job for them, but rather a calling.

Acting Commissioner Gregory Long echoed the Acting Mayor’s sentiment, emphasizing the importance of their roles in our city when he said, “the second you put on that badge, you are held to a hire standard”. Janey also went on to say that she has a greater faith in the City of Boston as a result of the new recruits.