Stolen Audi Wreaks Havoc Across Greater Boston Friday

Early Friday morning, right before 02:00 hours, Boston Fire and Boston EMS responded to the area of Drayton Ave and Quincy Street, off Columbia Road for a motor vehicle accident involving a white Jeep.

First responding units arrived on scene to find a white Jeep that had struck a telephone pole. Upon investigation, first responders gathered a better idea of what had happened. A white Audi, which was confirmed to be the same Audi that had evaded both MSP and Boston Police earlier that night at multiple different locations, had run the jeep off the road, causing it to veer off and strike the pole. The Audi fled the scene after collision.

Both a toddler and infant sustained injuries as a result of the crash, but are expected to be okay. The Audi was later involved in at least two hit and runs throughout the city where thankfully there were no injuries.

Through the illicit use of credit cards that had been left in the vehicle, the vehicle was able to be tracked down. It’s whereabouts were discovered after numerous other resources were able to expertly pinpoint its location to a quiet street in Allston. Boston Police were notified and eventually showed up to recover the vehicle which had somehow evaded them for almost 16 hours.