Officer Kurt Stokinger Speaks Out About Grant Headley, the Man Who Tried to Kill Him

The following was written by Officer Kurt Stokinger who has been on the Boston Police Department for about 15-years, is a father of two and is the Officer who was shot in the line of duty by Grant Headley on January 8th, 2016 in the area of 33 Mt Bowdoin Terrace in Dorchester.

“Last week I testified that on January 8th 2016 I was 100 percent positive Grant Headley got out of a vehicle registered to his mother immediately turned around and began firing a gun directly at me. Headley struck me with the first shot in my leg but didn’t stop advancing. He fired at me 4 more time while running towards me, Getting within feet of me before his gun jammed. This happened before I was even able to take my firearm out of its holster. Headley had one intent, to kill me and run away to evade capture. To this day the bullet is lodge in my left calf. I have endured serious medical and psychological trauma due to this incident that will likely last the rest of my life.”

“My testimony was followed by countless experts, other officers and civilian witnesses, that all confirmed that Grant Headley, a known drug dealing, gang member, with over 50 adult arrainments was in fact the person that shot me. The defense was weak and quite frankly almost non-existent. ADA McGowan couldn’t have presented a stronger case. I am extremely grateful to him.”

“The Jururs should be ashamed of themselves. They have made the city of Boston a more unsafe place to live. Grant Headley knows nothing but violence and he has one trade, the distribution of crack cocaine. The Jury was given the opportunity to place a drug dealing gang member, with multiple prior gun, drug charges in jail for a long extended stay. Instead, Grant Headley will be back on the street in just a few short years.
Yesterday Judge Krupp decided the firearm charges will be served concurrent. Even with my impact stated and Headleys multiple page record sitting on his desk Judge Krupp decided Headley deserve to likely be free by 2025-6.”

“Grant Headley will be released soon. Grant Headley will reoffend. Grant Headley will carry an illegal firearm in the future. Grant Headley will poison his neighborhood with crack cocaine. Grant Headley makes the city of Boston an unsafe place to raise a family. A 32 yr old man that has spent 8 yrs of his adult life in prison but still has fifty adult arrainments is not going to be rehabilitated.
The Jury and the Judge will share guilt for every single crime Grant Headley commits in the future. I hope they sleep well knowing this to be true.”

“I am incredibly disappointed that I am no longer able to preform my duties in law enforcement. This has affectted my ability to provide for my family and plans for any type of future. I have been unable to save for my families future and have no idea how I will provide long term. I am disappointed that more hasn’t been done.
I have been fortunate for my family, especially for my wife who has stood by me and and held things together while I have been unable to. Life goes on. I will remember who was there for me when I needed help and who wasn’t.”

“Please stop telling me how sorry you are that this happened, just support Police Officers. They have families, live in your communities are volunteers and coaches and want to live peacefully.”