Boston Police Safely Take Man with Fake Rifle into Custody Without Incident Downtown

At about 9:12 PM on Friday, June 25, 2021, officers assigned to District A-1 (Downtown), received a call for a person with a gun in the area of Tremont Street and Stuart Street.

Upon arrival officers spoke with witnesses who stated they observed an Asian male walking down the street with a machine gun on his shoulder. Officers, with the assistance of cameras viewed by personnel in the BRIC (Boston Regional Intelligence Center), located the suspect in the area of 228 Tremont Street still holding and waving the weapon.

Officers showed great restraint in safely placing the suspect under arrest. The rifle was determined to be a plastic nerf rifle that was spray painted black to resemble a real firearm. A CJIS inquiry of the suspect revealed an active straight warrant out of Boston Municipal Court for Possession of Class B Drugs. Pha Sun, 50, of Boston, was charged with Disturbing the Peace and is expected to be arraigned in Boston Municipal Court.