History Brought Back To Life In Color

Please take a moment to enjoy these beautifully recorlorized images that were rendered by a good friend to Live Boston, Shannon. These images were originally collected by Police Officer Robert Anthony a Department Historian and expert on all things Boston Police.

#1 Pre-Ban FirePower

1963 Boston Police Examine Aftermath Of Armed Confrontation Officer is armed with a Machine Gun.

#2 TO Protect and Serve

1968 Applicants For Boston Cadet Program At Police Academy.

#3 Keep It Moving

1977 P.O. Rachael Keefe Keeps Traffic Moving Downtown Boston.

#4 Hollywood Comes to Bosotn

1971 Raquel Welch from the movie Fuzz which was filmed in Boston and Lt. Tom Hayes

#5 The Top Cop

1968 Boston Sergeants Joseph Walsh, Peter Marculaitis, Craig Celona, Al McNeil, Peter Ryan, Eddie Conley, and Commissioner McNamara

#6 Play Ball

1953 Boston Police Div 1 Softball Team with Mgr Mike Keightley & Jack Barry.

#7 Girl Power

1979 Boston P.O. Rachel Keefe, Pat Murphy Put Suspect In Cruiser.

#8 Top Shot

1963 Boston Patrolman Practices Shots On Firing Range Moon Island.

#9 The Right to Remain Silent

1971 Handcuffed Suspects Searched By Boston Police Patrolmen Dom Ciambelli and Vinny DeFrancesco.

#10 Top of The Line Tech

1961 IBM Crime Reports Boston Police Headquarters.

#11 The Boys in Blue

1968 Boston District 14 Patrolmen John Giacobozzi and John Mee.

#12 Bring Them Back

1970 at White Stadium in Franklin Park for a Boston Police Mounted Demo for some children.